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About NIFI

The National Immigrant Farming Initiative or NIFI is an independent 501 c3 nonprofit organization that was established in 2002. NIFI relies on funding from a variety of sources including federal grants, private foundation awards, membership dues, and donations. 

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Our Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from Immigrant Farming Projects (IFPs), Refugee and Farmworkers’ organizations and other partners around the country who work with socially disadvantage and small farmers in support of NIFI’s mission.

NIFI advocates for immigrant farmers and works to build awareness about the unique challenges immigrant farmers’ face, while increasing the visibility of their important contributions to our communities and agriculture. 

Mission Statement

Rooted in diverse immigrant farmer experience, NIFI strengthens the capacity of immigrants to farm successfully and to advance sustainable farming and food systems.

How do Immigrant Farmers and Immigrant Farming Projects benefit from NIFI?

Interpretation Training in Leominster, MA 
  • Training: NIFI organizes training opportunities that address the unique needs of immigrant farmers.  One of the major focus areas of training has been interpretation training for staff and volunteers of immigrant-farming projects to assure proper communication between the immigrant farming community and service providers and clear understanding on the resources available to them.
  • Advocacy and Outreach: NIFI creates networking opportunities, information sharing, and advocates in order to increase resources, visibility, and support for immigrant and refugee farmers. Visit our Policy Center  to learn more.
  • Networking and Information Sharing: NIFI serves as a forum and catalyst for project and farmer exchange. Through gathering existing materials and developing new resources, we help to increase access to culturally appropriate resources geared towards immigrant farmer groups.
  • Capacity Building: NIFI encourages the immigrant programs across the country to collaborate.  Many new and emerging programs have been written into NIFI grants to support their work and establish best practices.
  • Establish New Immigrant Farming Projects: NIFI is continually identifying immigrant farmers nationwide and is working to establish immigrant-farming projects in New Mexico, DC-Maryland-Virginia area, Florida and California.