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NIFI Board of Directors

IN THE PICTURE: From left standing: Malaquias Flores, Don Bustos (Chair), Rosemary Romero (Facilitator/trainer), Stephan Tubene, Rudy Arredondo, Maximiliano Fernandez, Rigoberto Delgado, Tirso Moreno (Secretary), Maria Moreira, John Yanga, (Treasurer), Bee Cha, and Glen Hill.  From left sitting: Lorette Picciano, Mapy Alvarez, Ly Vang (Vice-Chair), and Amy Carrignton.

NIFI’s  Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from Immigrant Farming Projects (IFPs), Refugee and Farm workers’ organizations and other partners around the country who work with socially disadvantage and small farmers in support of NIFI’s mission.


Don Bustos (Chair) is a family farmer in Santa Cruz in the beautiful Espanola Valley in New Mexico. Named Farmer of the Year by New Mexico Governor Richardson; he holds the highest distinction in agriculture from NM State University and is an experienced trainer and mentor in production and marketing of specialty crops.

Amy Carrington (Vice-Chair) is a consultant supporting non-profit organizations with their project planning, implementation, and evaluation. Ms. Carrington has also served as the Project Director at Cultivating Community where she led the farmers’ market and refugee farmer training initiatives. In her work, she has enjoyed conducting grassroots community outreach, connecting farmers and low-income customers, and developing educational programs that support small minority-owned farms.

Malaquias Flores (Treasurer) is the Hispanic Program Coordinator with the University of the State of Washington Small Farms Program Team. Dr. Flores has shown great capacity to provide educational resources both on-line and in-person, hence assisting the increasing Hispanic population in Central Washington.

Tirso Moreno (Secretary) is the founder and General Coordinator of The Farm Worker Association of Florida Inc. His excellent leadership and guidance has brought the entity founded 1983 to a healthy and strong community-based, non-profit organization of 10,000 members. Mr. Moreno has paved the road for many farm workers to transition to sustainable farmers. The FWAF has developed community farm projects in partnership with NIFI run by and for farm workers and has receive the support of local governments.

Rigoberto Delgado (Executive Director) is the owner and manager of the 60-acre Delgado Farms in Esperanza, Texas, where he has been farming since 1988. Mr. Delgado has devoted considerable time and resources to adapting organic agricultural practices to the harsh conditions of the desert southwest. Delgado Farms is one of the first Hispanic-owned farms in Texas to be certified organic.

Maximiliano Fernandez is a prosperous Open Sheep Herder in Washington state. Each year he moves his band of sheep from area to area and often covering hundreds of miles in a season.   Mr. Fernandez is continuing to preserve his family’s tradition from the old Country Spain with pride.

Glen Hill (Advisor). Glen started in March 2007 is the Executive Director of Minnesota Food Association. MFA, a registered non-profit organization with the mission to build a more sustainable food system in Minnesota, operates a comprehensive production, distribution, training and educational Program called Big River Farms.

Amy Lint is a Senior Farming Specialist at International Rescue Committee in Greater San Diego area.  She has specialized in developing and managing programs in food security towards achieving global development and social change.  Ms. Lint has worked in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and the United States.

Maria Moreira is owner and project director of Flats Mentor Farm, a seventy-acre farm located in Lancaster Massachusetts dedicated to support small farmers of different ethnic backgrounds with the land, farming infrastructure and marketing. “Her mission in Flats Farm is to assist beginning farmers who want to become owners of successful commercial farming enterprises.”

John Yanga is the first graduate of the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP) through Cultivating Community in Maine.  He manages Yanga Family Farm, a vegetable crop operation that serves Senior Share and Food Bank clients. Mr. Yanga has also held the position of Outreach Coordinator at Cultivating Community where he worked closely with translators, service providers, and community organizations to facilitate trainings and other program opportunities for groups and individuals within the immigrant and refugee community.