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Farmworker Groups & Issues

Agricultural Justice Project
The AJP is a non-profit initiative to create a fair and equitable food system through the development of social justice standards for organic and sustainable agriculture.

Farmworker Legal Services of New York, Inc. (FLSNY)
FLSNY is a not-for-profit corporation providing free legal services to New York's migrant and seasonal agricultural workers. FLSNY's lawyers and paralegals provide a wide range of legal advocacy on behalf of farm workers. FLSNY seeks to assure that agricultural employers and housing providers in New York and nationwide comply with the law, that government entities respect farm workers' civil rights, and that the public is educated about farm worker exclusions from existing labor laws.

Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC)
The Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO is both a social movement and a labor union whose immediate constituency is migrant workers in the agricultural industry, but is also involved with immigrant workers, Latinos, local communities, and national and international coalitions concerned with justice. The FLOC vision emphasizes human rights as the standard and self-determination as the process for achieving these rights.

The Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF)
The Farmworker Association of Florida, Inc. (FWAF) is a membership organization of over 6,330 farmworker families from predominately Mexican, Haitian, Afro-American, Guatemalan and Salvadoran communities, which was begun in 1983 and incorporated in May, 1986. The goal is to build a strong multi-racial economically viable organization of farmworkers in Florida empowering farmworkers to respond to and gain control over the social, political, economic, and workplace issues that affect their lives.

National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM)
National Farm Worker Ministry is an interfaith organization that supports farm workers as they organize for empowerment, justice, and equality. NFWM began in 1920 as a ministry of charity and service, providing food, clothing and day care to the farm workers. When United Farm Workers founder César Chávez began organizing in the 1960's, he called on the religious community to change its emphasis from charity to justice. NFWM became the vehicle for people of faith to respond to that call.

United Farmworkers of America (UFW)                            
Founded in 1962 by Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers of America is the nation's first successful and largest farm workers union currently active in 10 states. The UFW continues to organize and represent farm workers, including 27,000 farm workers who labor under union contracts at least one day out of the year.