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Heifer Funding for Immigrant Farming Projects

YOU can become a project partner with Heifer International in North America

Heifer International receives many requests for assistance with animal/agricultural related development programs. Each proposal is carefully considered. A limited number of new projects can be supported each year, based on available funding. The procedures used are as follows:

  • Heifer is contacted by interested grassroots groups or intermediary organizations
  • Group/organization is asked to complete a form of basic information related to their structure, purpose and need for assistance
  • Heifer field staff reviews the information to determine that the request is in line with Heifer’s mission
  • Heifer field staff makes a site visit to assess the situation with the group and more formally introduce them to Heifer and how the Heifer process works
  • Heifer field staff assists the group/organization in developing its project using Heifer’s values based planning process
  • Group/organization works with Heifer field staff to prepare a detailed project proposal
  • Heifer field staff submits all appropriate proposal documents to Heifer’s proposal review committee, known as the Weighted Point System Committee.
  • Heifer’s Weighted Point System Committee approves, approves with modifications, or rejects the proposal. Rejected proposals can generally be resubmitted if significantly modified.
  • Projects over $150,000 must be approved at a higher organizational level once they are approved by the Weighted Point System Committee.
  • Heifer signs letter of agreement with group/organization for approved projects & funding begins.
  • All approved projects provide semi-annual progress and financial reports for the entire period of funding. Semi-annual progress reports are continued for two years after all funds are expended.

To connect with a Heifer International program office in your region, call:

Rebecca Morgan
New Farmer Senior Specialist
Heifer International
61 Conklin Road
Walton, New York 13856
Phone: 607-865-6400