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Latin America

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA)

The Agriculture and Land Based Training Association (ALBA) was founded in 2001 and operates two organic training and demonstration farms in Monterey County, California. Typically, 36 limited-resource farmers lease ALBA land while learning small farm business and marketing skills. MORE >

Big River Farms Program

Big River Farms (BRF), run by the Minnesota Food Association, focuses on assisting new immigrant farmers build their farming business through training, production and distribution. MORE >

Community CROPS -- Combining Resources, Opportunities and People for Sustainability

Working with refugee and immigrant community gardeners turned urban farmers in Lincoln, NE, to help them grow produce for market MORE >

CSA Learning Center

The CSA Learning Center empowers people to create sustainable communities of soils, plants, animals, and people through educational, creative, and experiential programs offered in partnership with Angelic Organics, a vibrant biodynamic community supported farm. MORE >

Cultivate Kansas City

Cultivate Kansas City (formerly the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture) was founded in the fall of 2004 to promote urban farming in the Kansas City Metro area. Cultivate Kansas City provides urban farmers and would-be farmers from different backgrounds and nationalities with individualized support in all phases of farm development. MORE >

Farm Business Incubator Program

A farm incubator program in Providence, RI designed to assist immigrants in starting a for-profit agricultural business. MORE >

National Hmong American Farmers, Fresno, CA

National Hmong American Farmers, Inc. provides a culturally sensitive mechanism to help Fresno County's Hmong as well as small and minority growers, hone their technical and business skills and ultimately, to increase their income generation potential. MORE >

New American Sustainable Agriculture Project

Training farm site program for Somali, Sudanese and Guatemalan refugees in the Lewiston, Maine area. MORE >

New Farmer Development Project

Identifies, educates, and supports immigrants in New York City with agricultural experience to become local producers and establish small farms in the region. MORE >

New Immigrant Agriculture Project

After three years of contracting with local Minnesota farmers to grow food for legal immigrants removed from the Food Stamp Program, the Minnesota Food Association (MFA) launched the New Immigrant Agriculture Project in 1998 as a means for new immigrants to grow food both for their own families, and to sell at market. MORE >

Opening Doors, Inc.

With the announcement that 2,000 Hmong refugees were coming to the Sacramento area, Opening Doors, Inc. (ODI) and three Hmong community based organizations collaborated on securing funds from the Office of Refugee Resettlement and USDA Risk Management Agency to begin securing resources for local immigrant farmers. MORE >

Southeast Immigrant Farm Partners

Southeast Immigrant Farm Partners was initiated in 2002 as a collaborative effort between Glover Family Farms and various immigrant groups, including a Hispanic community group from Fairburn, Georgia, and Southeast Asian communities in the Atlanta area. MORE >

Southeast Incubator Program

An umbrella project of Heifer International that assists immigrant families who are transitioning from farmworkers to starting their own farm operations in the Southeast. MORE >

Southeast Wisconsin Immigrant Farming Initiative

Growing Power has worked with Hmong farmers in the Milwaukee area for more than 15 years, and recently established the Southeast Wisconsin Immigrant Farming Initiative in an effort to formalize this work and outreach to additional immigrant and refugee groups, including recently arrived Somali Bantu refugees and aspiring Latino farmers. MORE >

Southwest Livestock and Farm Association

The Southwest Livestock and Farm Association enables small and limited-resource immigrant farmers to stay and prosper in their own communities. Participating farmers have ranching and farming experience, and include immigrant farmers (mostly from Mexico), farmworkers, and small family farmers. MORE >

The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana

The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana is a non-profit network of emerging farmers, enthusiastic gardeners and conscientious consumers brought together by a mutual love for fresh food, local economic growth and sustainable farming. MORE >

The Small Farms Project of El Huerto de la Familia

The Small Farmers Project is a program of Huerto de la Familia (The Family Garden), a non-profit in Eugene, Oregon whose mission is to offer Latino families a place to connect with their roots and the earth by growing their own food. MORE >