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Projects In The Southeast

Fellsmere Community Farm Project Update

A group in Fellsmere, Florida, establishes a cooperatively organized farm project, acquires land from the city, and plans to grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and specialty crops year-round. MORE >

New Farmworker Association of Florida


Southeast Immigrant Farm Partners

Southeast Immigrant Farm Partners was initiated in 2002 as a collaborative effort between Glover Family Farms and various immigrant groups, including a Hispanic community group from Fairburn, Georgia, and Southeast Asian communities in the Atlanta area. MORE >

Southeast Incubator Program

An umbrella project of Heifer International that assists immigrant families who are transitioning from farmworkers to starting their own farm operations in the Southeast. MORE >

The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana

The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana is a non-profit network of emerging farmers, enthusiastic gardeners and conscientious consumers brought together by a mutual love for fresh food, local economic growth and sustainable farming. MORE >