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Understanding Farmers' Markets Rules (pdf)


Latino Farmworker to Farmer Forum, July 2004– Meeting Notes (pdf)

Latinos are the most rapidly increasing demographic sector of farmers. Farmworkers in this country are predominantly Latino and many apply skills and experience gained as farmworkers to start their own farms. These meeting notes cover the Latino Farmworker to Farmer Forum, organized by NIFI and held at the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association in Salinas, CA. The purpose of the meeting was to learn more about Latinos who have transitioned from working as farmworkers to operating their own farms, and to explore the particular opportunities and challenges associated with this expanding group. More then thirty people from around the country participated in the forum, including Latino farmers and representatives from grassroots agencies, farmworker organizations, Extension, and other groups.


New Spanish & English Publications from ATTRA

ATTRA has two new publications..  These publications are available free of charge from the ATTRA website ( or hard copies are available free of charge by calling
800-346-9140.  Both publications have comic-book like graphics which introduce the topic,
and this is augmented with more in depth information and a good listing of resources. 

Finding Land to Farm: Six Ways to Secure Farmland, 16 pages
Encontrando Tierra para Trabajar: Seis Maneras de Asegurar Tu Terreno Agrícola, 16 pages 

This publication, a collaboration between CA Farmlink and NCAT, highlights some
common ways to lease or own land. It follows a farmer as he talks to other farmers about
how they accessed land.  It outlines important considerations about each of these
leasing options and paths to ownership.  There are 6 pages of resources listing land-linking
organizations as well as websites, publications and other organizations that will be helpful
to farmers seeking land to farm.  Elements of a good lease are also included.

English version:
Spanish version:

Start a Farm in the City (English, 20 pages)
Comience una Granja en la Ciudad (Spanish, 24 pages)

This publication outlines some of the pros and cons related to urban farming, illustrated
by the story of a young girl starting a garden in the city.  It includes 12 pages of
resources, with information about urban soils and soil testing resources,
as well as a state by state listing of organizations which have urban ag educational
programs around the country.  The Spanish version is a bit longer as it includes
a listing of Spanish language resources.

English version:
Spanish version:

SARE Classic Details Cover Crop Use on the Farm

Across America, tens of thousands of farmers are planting cover crops, a time-tested method of revitalizing soil, curbing erosion, and managing pests. Bryan and Donna Davis love what cover crops have done for their corn/soybean rotation. The Grinnell, Iowa couple relies on rye and oats to feed their soil and manage pests on their 1,000-acre, mostly no-till farm. "We have cut our chemical costs cut dramatically, and have reduced fertility costs in some fields by half" says Bryan. "With energy costs these days, you can't afford not to do this."

The revised and update 3rd edition of SARE's Managing Cover Crops Profitably includes a new chapter on brassicas and mustards, 16 farm profiles, and a comprehensive chapter on the use of cover crops in conservation tillage systems. Updates throughout are based on more than 100 new literature citations and consultations with cover crop researchers and practitioners around the country. Appendices include seed sources and a listing of cover crop experts.

"This is the best book I have ever read," says Wolfgang Rougle, of Twining Tree Farm in Cottonwood California. "It uses science to explain complex concepts, lays out options for different systems and climates, and allows innovative farmers to digest the information and make their own intelligent decisions. Thank you for the practical advice, acknowledgement of complex tradeoffs, specifics, details and conclusions."

Download Managing Cover Crops Profitably for free at To order print copies ($19 plus $5.95 s/h) visit SARE's web store, call 301/374-9696 or send check or money order to Sustainable Agriculture Publications, PO Box 753, Waldorf, Maryland 20604-0753. (Please specify title requested when ordering by mail.) Discounts are available on orders of 10 or more. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Call 301/374-9696 for more information on bulk, rush or international shipments.

In Spanish:

As part of a SARE grant and in cooperation with NCAT/ATTRA, we have two new poultry publications in Spanish:

  1. Alternative Poultry Production Systems and Outdoor Access (Sistemas Avícolas Alternativos con Acceso a Pastura)
  2. Poultry House Management for Alternative Production (El Manejo de Gallineros para la Producción Alternativa)

You can access these two publications for any training needs you may have at ATTRA’s website Another publication regarding poultry processing equipment is now in the pipeline for translation and should be available later this year. We hope these publications prove helpful to you.


Bibliography of Bilingual Agricultural Dictionaries and Glossaries (pdf)
This bibliography is a compilation of agriculturally focused bilingual dictionaries. The bibliography covers Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Somali, Spanish, and Multilingual dictionaries and features a brief description of each dictionary and ordering info.

Talking Points for Immigrant Farming (pdf)

Talking Points provides statistics on U.S. agriculture, immigrant farmers and farmworkers, ethnic crops, and more.  The document also summarizes some of the opportunities and challenges for immigrant and refugee farmers and provides basic information about NIFI and immigrant farming projects.  When talking to press or preparing a presentation, we almost always refer to the facts and figures captured in the document, we hope that you find it useful in bringing attention to the importance of immigrant farmers.

Definitions and Criteria – Immigrant Farmer and Immigrant Farming Project Definitions (pdf)

In order to establish a common vocabulary and understanding of what we mean by ‘immigrant farmer’ and ‘immigrant farming project’, the NIFI Steering Committee worked together to develop these definitions.

Spanish and English Terms for Ecology, Agriculture and Building

A tool for language learning as well as a travel-ready reference, this book presents words for conversing about the natural world and finding technological solutions to its challenges. For a Latin American/North American context, the focus is on a vocabulary for simple and universal technology, subsistence farming, and tropical and subtropical ecosystems. Craftspeople and scientists will find an abundance of terms to aid them in communicating specialized knowledge with lay individuals in both languages. Non-specialists will find words for communicating within the diverse experience of agriculture and the natural world and for seeking out specialized knowledge.

For more info on the book, or to get a copy, see